The Secret of the Storm

TSOTS COVER ADThe Secret of the Storm

Anne Belle’s debut novel is available for purchase through the Createspace store at

It is also set for release on and will be coming to booksellers in your town soon.

From the back of the book: 

Elora Castain finds out that there are worse things than learning that your estranged grandmother has passed away. Finding out that you’re not as normal as your life makes you out to be is just the tip of the iceberg for the Boston Globe staff writer. What she learns when she returns to Slauson Cove will change her life completely. Finding love, friends, and time to work on an artistic endeavor will only lead to a fulfillment of her destiny. Can she find the truth and stop her adversary from continuing to murder people in the Cove in time to prove the prophecy laid down by her ancestor true?

Praise for The Secret of the Storm :

5 Stars from Arlene W.  

I loved this book. I don’t often read books involving witchcraft because they are usually not very believable. This author managed to draw me into the story from the first to the last page. The plot was well laid out and everything was well explained and easy to follow. Very entertaining..all the way through. I will definitely look forward to more books by Anne Belle.

5 Stars from Bob Day

That “The Secret of the Storm” is the work of a first time novelist is totally amazing to me. It has the quality of that of a well-seasoned and very intelligent author. The plot is well developed, well paced, original, complex, and very inventive. Questions that would naturally occur along the way to any critical reader are given good answers, and loose ends are all resolved along the way or at the end. I’m not a believer in the paranormal, but is was easy for me to leave my disbelief at the door, because I was totally drawn in by this novel. Normally, I would deduct a star because of the many grammatical errors and typos in the book, but the story was so engaging that these errors were hardly noticeable.

5 Stars from mccleod55

My wife wanted this book. I ordered it for her and she couldn’t put it down. She said it was excellent.

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