About The Blog

Originally, Make Mine Bold was called “From The Writer’s Studio”. It has evolved with time to become a place that talks about life, strategies for being productive, organized, reflecting on life choices, situations, and offers a bit of wisdom sprinkled with some fun and creativity.

There are many people who will find some benefit to following the blog, reading, and interacting here. Young ambitious women will find inspiration and perspective on being entrepreneurs, living a single life, and encouragement to get outside the usual box to find happiness and thrive in a life that they choose. Writers and artists will find a colleague and inspiration for continuing their own work. Older single and divorced women will find the open sharing of a life that might mirror their own. Encouragement to keep going when things are hard is in abundant supply on Make Mine Bold. Starting over in life is, in itself, an art form that the author takes pride in and shares her own struggles freely.

Make Mine Bold is all about living life to the fullest. The author writes about life experiences that are often colored by her own personal experience as a plus-sized woman. This can and will include posts about travel, entertainment, mental and emotional health, and possibly even dating. And she’ll often answer questions that she gets from those who read and wish to open a dialogue with her.

Have a question to ask or a topic to suggest. Email Anne at annebellewrites at gmail.com

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