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Welcome to 2019!

In every story, there is a point where the protagonist has an epiphany and things begin to take shape into something we are hoping for them. In romances, this is usually the part where the guy makes the turn around to go and be with the heroine so they can seek out their little slice of happily ever after. In mysteries, this is when a key clue comes into play and suddenly things start to become clear. You get the idea. The point is, I feel like I have crossed one of those thresholds in this book I call life.

Turning 40, entering a new decade of life, gives you pause to consider where your life is taking you. I know that I enjoyed seeing my family over the holidays. I also enjoyed seeing my best friend and being able to help her plan her upcoming wedding. There will be more of that via Skype this year as we get closer to her big day.┬áMy nieces are growing up way too fast on me. And all around me are constant reminders of a dream I once had of having a family and home of my own one day. However, it would appear that God had other plans for me. So, I’m looking at how to shape my life and accept that won’t be part of it.

Writing is, for me at least, a solitary life. I have my pup and I spend time with family but, I need to spend some time this year putting down some roots, branching out socially, and networking more. It occurs to me that to keep from becoming a total hermit in life, it is time for me to start living and doing more outside of the usual home and studio comfort zones. While 2018 was a good and productive year, it wasn’t until the last few months that I got out and really started mingling with people. That’s something that I want to change in the coming year.

It is time for me to start doing more to pay it forward. And I’ll be branching out into new creative endeavors. I’ve taken stock enough to realize that I have a lot more skills to use than just in writing. I think I’ll take on a few coaching clients and help others make their dream of writing and publishing a reality. I also want to put my performance skills to use and help put audiobooks together for indie authors as well. Let’s not forget the need for book trailer videos as well.

This means some changes here on the blog. I really want to have more fun this year and share that with all of you. So maybe you’ll see more about the little trips I take, fun times out as I make new friends and take part in local events. What I want to bring here is more happiness, motivation, and inspiration. That may mean I review more books, movies, or even post music that moves me when I hear it.

In that vein, let me just say that I’m really digging this new track I heard on the trip back from Kentucky. Maybe you’ll like it too.