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Tiny Hiatus…

Sometimes the day job gets to me and makes it hard to get into creative mode. I’ve had a stressful week at the office. It has been one of those weeks where it felt like all I could do was go to work and come home to rest. So that’s what I did.

I added some new titles to my audible read list. Downloaded and just spent time doing things that were mindless and yet, allowed me to absorb and find my motivation and inspiration again. As my weekend approached I find that I am getting back to my old self and that my motivation and inspiration has returned. There is, of course, much work to be done. But, sometimes you need to step back and take a break in order to push through the roadblocks.

So I sat down with my planner and realized that I have little time to prepare for events coming up. My website over at has an update on those events. Details about venues and happenings can always be found under the BIO section in News & Events. There you’ll find a calendar with events listed.  Skip to April to see where I’ll be so you can meet me and get your signed edition.

Now that I’m back in the saddle, so to speak, I’m excited about how this book is shaping up. It won’t be long before I can put it into the hands of beta readers who will help me finish the second round of revisions. That means I’m closer and closer to getting it to all of you readers. But, not to worry. I have a little surprise coming soon that will help pass the time before the next book.


I am an author and blogger living in East Texas. Living life, writing supernatural suspense fiction, and enjoying my family and friends.

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