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An Update While I’m Figuring Things Out…

I’ve been working hard lately. I am adjusting to a new house, being a mom full time, and figuring out schedules for the fiance’s new job. There are the usual obstacles to overcome in all of this like bills, checking accounts, getting a household properly managed. We still have to get stuff out of my storage and decide what to keep and what to put away or get rid of between us. We’ have no phone or internet service yet and that is something that will need to wait to get; there are priorities that have to be set.

I’m not too upset about that aspect though. As much as I like to be able to post every day or so here, it keeps me focused on what I need to be working on. I’m writing more, handling things around the house, and am generally happier. I suppose that is an unexpected perk to the “unplugging” that has happened. I’m not playing games on facebook or updating as much. I spent way more time on there than I would like to admit to. So, I’m focused on things like my writing career and my family for a change.

But it sometimes seems like Murphy’s Law is at work here. On top of everything the fuel pump went out on my truck. So now, until we get the funds together for the part, we’re pretty much stuck at home unless we walk. Of course, we’re lucky that we have family around to help out. I hate to ask for much though. Everyone has been wonderful to help out and you just hate to take advantage of it. They all have their own struggles as well.

Tonight I’m sitting at the local McDonalds checking my email while having a coke and an ice cream cone with the hubby and the munchkin. She did okay on her homeschool this week so we’re doing a family treat partly so she can play around and have some summertime fun and partly because Charles and I need an internet fix. This will be a weekend at home for us. Though, Charles is working this weekend at a new job. We’re excited about all of this really. There are a lot of changes happening and these are good things. Everything feels more like it is coming together from my perspective than they have in years.

We were able to get some pictures made last weekend. We had a member of the family who is starting up a photography business and we were a sort of guinea pig. We ended up with some engagement photos for Charles and I, some pictures of the munchkin, then some of all of us. Christina also took some new headshots for me to use on the blog here and for promo purposes. I’ll be putting her information on the site to help boost her signal online.

I’m excited though. I’m excited to see my little family coming together finally. Though, we had one missing from the pictures. She knows who she is, though I doubt she even reads this blog being a teenager. But things are feeling more settled for me. The inspiration is still going strong and I’m hoping that I can beat my original deadline and release the next book a little sooner than I anticipated. We’ll see and I will keep everyone posted on that, as soon as I know more.

My first book is still out there and available for purchase on Amazon. I am getting together somethings and hope to make an announcement soon about a crowdfunded sequel to that project which will help boost my productivity and give my readers some special incentives including a couple of perks like having lunch with me and a specially designed necklace from the book. (If you’ve read the book, you’ll have an idea of which one.) So keep your email open, follow my posts (they won’t be too terribly frequent) and you’ll get information on that coming in the next few weeks.

For now, I’m going to get back to some family time. I’m going to enjoy my ice cream, watch the little one play, and laugh at silly things with my fiance.


I am an author and blogger living in East Texas. Living life, writing supernatural suspense fiction, and enjoying my family and friends.

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