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The Writer’s Life Update

Sometimes life just gets in the way of updating this blog. The last month or so has been filled with other things that have required much of my time. Mostly this has been a matter of looking for a day job so that I can get back on my feet but, people don’t realize that in this economy finding a decent job is much harder than it would seem on the surface. It has literally been a full-time job putting in applications, finding job postings, and sending out resumes. But that isn’t all that has kept me away from writing as much as I should be.

563290_349861381757492_48880649_nTruth is, after being cooped up and isolated for so long, I’ve been enjoying living again. I’ve been enjoying time with my family and the new friends in my life. I’ve been talking shop, attending writers group, spending time with the new man in my life, and having lots of quality time. There are pictures on my phone of us at the carnival that came to town. It was an impromptu afternoon of fun with his daughter and my stepdaughter who came to visit me during her spring break. We even went to the Renaissance Faire with all the family and had such a fantastic time that we’re already planning for another day out there before it ends. But having fun has been such a rarity in the last six years that, I have made a point of really enjoying myself when I have the opportunity. It just so happens that since I met Charles, there have been a lot more amazing days and opportunities to enjoy myself.

As much as I am loving my life now and the direction that it is taking, I know that I am going to have to start devoting more time to writing than I have. The articles that I’ve been working on and so forth have been great and they have offered a bit of a break from working on the details of the work in progress that were beginning to frustrate me. But, I am now getting back into the studio and working on the fiction with full attention.

The break was needed though. As I read back through some of the manuscript, I find that my mind is working on concepts again and my scenes are creating more clear images in my head to work with. And I’m so close to completing this draft that I think a few more good days of writing will put me into a good position to be on track for a summer release. Of course, I’ll make more announcements about that as I narrow down time-frames.

I do want to mention that a friend has a new book of poetry out. Deedra Mosley and I have been friends since we attended and graduated from the same high school. I was honored that she asked me to write the forward for her collection of anecdotal poems and limericks. So you can find her collection Kentucky Prose over on I encourage everyone to support local artists. The ebook is only $1.99 and it is sure to make you laugh and give you a glimpse of life in rural Appalachia. Deedra definitely has more of a connection to those mountains and the cultural heritage there than I do but she is sure to give you a laugh as well.


I am an author and blogger living in East Texas. Living life, writing supernatural suspense fiction, and enjoying my family and friends.

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