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Welcome To The Studio

Women have a unique issue when considering how to go about working on a career. In an industry where your success or failure is dependent upon a reputation built around a name that people follow, it becomes important to find something and stick to it. Anne Belle is not my real name. Take a look at the About the Author page and you’ll get the full story. I’ve chosen to take a pen name for the sake of avoiding confusion in the long term as I work to build my platform as an author of fiction. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. However, I believe that it is the best course of action that I can take given my personal situation.
I’m not trying to hide behind a false name or personality. What you’ll read here is very much me. The photos you’ll see are actually me. You’ll get a real glimpse into my life, my creative process, what inspires me, what frustrates me, and the people in my life. Though, I will likely change the names to protect the identity of those in my life. There is always a catch to being a friend or family member of a writer. Eventually some embarrassing story about you will be published somewhere. So name changing to protect the innocent is the norm in my line of work.
So why take a pen name? For me, it comes down to a rather simple issue. I want to make a career out of this. I’m currently going through a divorce and starting a new relationship and the reality is that I’m just too old fashioned to keep my maiden name or my ex-husband’s name even though I already published a book under both. There is also the realization that I want a family of my own. And I’d prefer to keep kids out of any sort of limelight until they are old enough to understand what it is I do etc. A pen name allows for at least some degree of anonymity for them as well as being something that I don’t have to worry about changing as I go through all of these life changes and explaining over and over what happened and why I have work published under other names.
Honestly, this will be the only time I address the who I am issue. My hope is that the name Anne Belle will become who I am publicly and that will allow my private life to remain private. My Facebook page will have a couple of administrators down the road that I trust to help me work with promotions. And I’m sure that, over time, there will be some questions. For me to answer from readers here and of my fiction. But, my goal is for this blog and website to serve as a hub for readers to find my work and get a glimpse into my life.
Subscribe to the RSS or by email in order to get the latest updates. They may be frequent at times and yet, other times, they may be sparse when I’m in the midst of deadlines or working on something that requires some research. My ultimate goal is to post something at least once a week. So, I hope that you’ll join me on this journey. I hope that you’ll find this little window interesting and inspiring if you’re an aspiring author. I’m open for questions and will certainly do my best to respond to what is sent my way. Who knows you might even inspire a blog post. So, feel free to send me your questions on writing, on life, on whatever to annebellewrites @ g-mail dot com. I’ll be watching and posting more soon.


I am an author and blogger living in East Texas. Living life, writing supernatural suspense fiction, and enjoying my family and friends.

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